Globus Medical’s Excelsius3D Used For The First Time

Leading musculoskeletal solutions company Globus Medical, Inc. today announced the world’s first surgeries performed using Excelsius3D, an advanced intraoperative three-in-one imaging platform, which is the latest addition to the Excelsius Ecosystem from Globus Medical.

The first clinical cases using this technology were performed by Paul C McAfee and Mesfin A Lemma, and Jeffrey A Goldstein.

Dr. Lemma has said that “the Excelsius Ecosystem can help us provide patients with minimally invasive treatment options. We are excited about the addition of the new Excelsius3D™ imaging system to our ExcelsiusGPS robotic navigation platform at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital.”

Dr McAfee added: “With these two technologies, we are able to efficiently perform surgery with minimally invasive techniques. The seamless interface between the two platforms allows us to provide the best leading-edge technology to patients.”

Dr. Kent, the founder of Axis Spine and a surgeon at Northwest Specialty Hospital, commented:

“We are very proud to feature some of the most advanced surgical spine solutions in the nation. We have performed over 700 cases with ExcelsiusGPS and are now excited to add Excelsius3D to provide our patients with more efficient surgical solutions that have the potential to further improve surgical outcomes.”

Dr. Goldstein, the Director of Education and the Director of the Spine Surgery Fellowship at NYU Langone Health, stated:

“The addition of Excelsius3D™ to our operating room has helped to streamline our navigation workflow with ExcelsiusGPS®. The intraoperative imaging technology enables us to efficiently visualize anatomy, offers three imaging modes in a single comprehensive system, and is easy for our radiology technicians to maneuver and position. We’re excited about this new tool to help us provide patients with the best possible care.”

Globus Medical has an innovative platform of enabling technologies, and Excelsius3D is the latest addition. Combined with the ExcelsiusGPS robot-navigated system, Excelsius3D provides an advanced intraoperative robotic solution which is image guided. It’s designed to further the accuracy of implant placement, as well as decrease exposure to radiation and shorten operation times, and is now available commercially in the US. The Excelsius3D mobile X-ray system can be used for for 2D digital radiography and 2D fluoroscopy, as well as 3D imaging for use with both adult and pediatric patients.

The system is intended for use when a physician would benefit from such things as 2D and 3D information on anatomic structures or high contrast objects with a high level of x-ray attenuation (eg metallic objects, or bony anatomy). The images generated by Excelsius3D are also compatible with image-guided systems, for example ExcelsusGPS.

The Globus Medical, Inc. company was founded in 2003. Its base of operations is in Audubon, PA.

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