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Intermittent Male Catheter Luja Launched by Coloplast

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) represent a serious challenge for those who empty their bladder using intermittent catheters. This can include patients who live with injuries to the spinal chord, spina bifida, or MS (multiple sclerosis). People who use intermittent catheters have, on average, two to three UTIs per year.
This can lead to severe health complications, as well as having a huge impact on their quality of life, resulting in hospitalisation and therefore putting pressure on healthcare systems. The company Coloplast has now launched Luja, which is the 1st and only male catheter to feature more than 80 micro holes, with the aim of addressing important risk factors associated with the link between UTIs and intermittent catheterisation.

“The primary function of a catheter is to empty the bladder. Still, people experience urine flow stops and blockage of the catheter eyelets during bladder emptying with the conventional catheters on the market today”, says Executive Vice President of Innovation at Coloplast, Nicolai Buhl. Blockages and flow stops of the catheter eyelets while emptying the device can increase the risk of residual urine remaining behind in the bladder, which hugely increases the risk of bacteria, and therefore can contribute to urinary tract infections. “With Luja and its Micro-hole Zone Technology we are setting a new standard for intermittent catheterisation and ensuring complete bladder emptying in one free flow*.
We believe this catheter will be a paradigm shift within continence care and benefit catheter users as well as healthcare systems as a whole,” ends Nicolai Buhl. Luja was launched in February, in Finland and Denmark.

The product is expected to be made available throughout Coloplast’s key markets over the next year. The company is currently undertaking two significant clinical studies in order to document and demonstrate Luja’s benefits, with the results anticipated to be available to the public over the next few months. Over the 2021/2022 period, the continence care products global market was estimated to be worth around 15-16Bn DKK, with the underlying yearly market growth at 5-6%. Coloplast is currently leading the global market in continence care, with the company continuing to outgrow the market and taking market share. With the launch of Luja, Coloplast’s growth trajectory is expected to continue growing, further solidifying the company’s position as world market leader.


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