3M Healthcare

3M Healthcare

3M Health Care Ltd (3M Health Care), which is a subsidiary of 3M United Kingdom Plc, is a manufacturer and marketer of medical and surgical products, along with skin health and infection prevention products, dental and orthodontic products, health information systems, food safety products, critical and chronic care equipment; as well as auscultation and diagnostics products. 3M Health Care Ltd also designs and produces medical device components and patient monitoring systems. 

3M Health Care provides products to various markets, such as medical clinics and hospitals, pharmaceuticals, health information systems, dental and orthodontic practitioners, along with many others. The company primarily has its operations in Europe, with the headquarters found in Loughborough, Leicestershire, in the UK. 3M Health Care have applied a wide range of cutting-edge technologies across their medical devices. 3M Health Care offers multiple options for liquid and gas filtration, separation and purification, such as electret, micro-porous membranes, and carbon and non-woven fibre technologies. These processes have also been applied to 3M’s personal respirators and masks. Porous materials and membranes are used in thousands of 3M products. These include respirators, filters, fuel cells, wound dressings and transdermal patches.

IV site care products include IV dressings, securement devices, disinfecting caps, skin protection products, film dressings and antimicrobial protection products. Patient monitoring products include ECG electrodes, cables and leadwires, temperature monitoring products and 3M Littman stethoscopes. 3M also offer components for medical device construction. These include:

  • Nonwoven tapes, designed to provide maximum comfort and breathability for patients requiring extended ware.
  • Film tapes, with a broad range of adhesive strengths in both single-coated and double-coated variants.
  • Foam tapes, which are thicker and allow easier attachment to skin than Nonwoven tapes.
  • Hydrocolloid adhesives, which are gentler on the skin over long periods of wear, and are easily removed from the skin, as well as being particularly comfortable, and
  • Film and Accessories, such as vapor barrier films, hydrophilic films used for transporting liquid, plastic coated wire tapes and also release liners.

3M™ Bair Hugger™ Temperature Monitoring System

Bair Hugger’s temperature monitoring system contains a single-use sensor and reusable control unit, simplifying the existing temperature monitoring process while delivering accurate results normally associated with invasive systems such as esophageal, bladder, rectal or PA catheters. Bair Hugger temperature monitoring provides clinicians with a single method for monitoring patient temperatures throughout the perioperative process, enabling them to improve clinical efficiency through the streamlined monitoring of patient temperatures.

3M Bair Hugger
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3M™ Ranger™ Pressure Infusor System

The 3M Ranger stand-alone pressure infusor provides a pressure of up to 300 mmHg to blood and fluid bags contained in two attached containers. Ranger pressure infusors can be used with the Ranger blood/fluid warming unit and the Ranger high-flow fluid warming set. The system is comprised of three separate pieces, which are the pressure infusor, I.V. pole and I.V. pole base. For maximum use and stability, all three components need be used in conjunction.
3M Reanger Pressure Infusor
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