Becton, Dickinson and Company

Becton, Dickinson and Company

Medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment, and diagnostic products are developed, manufactured, and distributed by Becton, Dickinson and Company worldwide. The company strives to provide innovative solutions with the aim of advancing medical research and genomics, while enhancing the diagnosis of infectious diseases and cancer, improving medication management, promoting the prevention of infection, implementing surgical and interventional procedures and supporting the management of diabetes. 

Partnering with organizations throughout the world, the company seeks solutions to some of the most challenging global health challenges. Its employees are spread across more than 50 countries and work closely with its customers and partners to achieve better outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, improve efficiencies, enhance health care safety, and increase access to healthcare. Becton Dickinson is segmented into three global business divisions: BD Medical, BD Life Sciences, and BD Interventional.

The BD Medical segment manufactures various healthcare products, such as:

– Peripheral intravenous (IV) and advanced peripheral catheters
– Acute dialysis catheters
– Preparation products for vascular care
– Needle-free IV connectors and extensions sets
– Closed-system drug transfer devices
– Hazardous drug detection equipment
– Hypodermic syringes and needles
– Anaesthesia needles and trays
– Enteral syringes
– Sharps disposal systems
– Infusion pumps
– Dedicated disposables
– IV fluids
– Medication compounding workflow systems
– Automated medication dispensing devices
– Automated supply management systems
– Medication inventory optimization and tracking systems
– Syringes, pen needles, and other diabetes care products
– Prefilled medication delivery systems

Biosciences and Integrated Diagnostic Solutions are two of the business units within BD Life Sciences. The products offered by these groups include preanalytical solutions for sample management, immunological research including flow cytometry and multiomics tools, molecular diagnostics, in vitro diagnostics, laboratory automation, and differentiated assays. 

The BD Interventional division includes business units such as Peripheral Intervention, Surgery, Urology and Critical Care. BD Biosciences designs, produces, and sells fluorescence-activated cell sorters and analyzers, monoclonal antibodies, cell analysis kits, life science research reagent systems, cell imaging devices, lab products for tissue culture and fluid handling, and media supplements for biopharmaceutical production on cell culture.

Based in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, Becton, Dickinson and Company was founded in 1897.

Alaris™ Gateway Workstation

The Alaris™ Gateway Workstation is a medication system which uses smart technology to integrate data with a hospital’s central information system, with optional wireless capability. With a simple interface and adaptable modular design, along with a backup battery in case of power shortage, the Alaris™ Gateway Workstation is intended for operations such as blood transfusions, drug therapy, chemotherapy and anaesthesia.

Alaris Gateway Workstation
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IVAC™ PCAM™ Syringe Pump

The IVAC™ PCAM™ syringe pump is designed to increase the effectiveness of the management of acute postoperative pain by providing the clinician with insight into the patient’s use of the pump.
With a PCA protocol that can be modified by users for the specific needs of individual patients, this device is simple to operate and easy to program, and features a large, intuitive interface which displays graphical analysis of the patient’s treatment plan, including dose levels and pressure readings.

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