Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health

With its headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, and founded in 1979, Cardinal Health, Inc. is an international provider of integrated healthcare solutions and services. The company has, and continues, to develop customized solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centres, clinical laboratories, physician offices and healthcare systems.

Pharmaceuticals and medical products comprise the company’s two main segments. As part of the Pharmaceutical division, the company sells brand and generic pharmaceuticals, speciality pharmaceuticals, and over-the-counter healthcare products, additionally providing services to pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers, and hospitals (including nuclear pharmacies and radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities), as well as offering pharmacy management services to hospitals and other healthcare providers, such as medication therapy management and patient outcomes services.

The Medical segment is responsible for manufacturing, sourcing, and distributing the Cardinal Health brand of medical, surgical, and laboratory products. These include the production of equipment geared towards aiding the management of incontinence, nutritional delivery, wound care, cardiovascular issues, and endovascular products, such as single-use surgical drapes, gowns and apparel, fluid suction and collection systems, urology equipment, operating room supplies, and electrode products.

Other examples of care products provided by Cardinal Health, Inc are durable appliances for use in anaesthesia, compression, enteral feeding, infection control, patient care, patient monitoring, surgical packs, skin and wound management, and birth care, ranging from hospital gloves to labour and delivery essentials, such as neonatal catheters.

As well as distributing a range of national brand products, such as medical, surgical, and laboratory equipment, the Medical division also provides supply chain services and solutions to hospitals, ambulatory surgery centres, clinical laboratories, and other healthcare institutions, as well as post-acute care management and transition services, with state-of-the-art software designed to be intuitive and coherent for healthcare clinicians in the field.

Kendall SCD™ 700 Series Controller by Covidien

The Kendall SCD™ 700 Series Controller is a sequential pneumatic compression system that applies intermittent air pressure to increase venous blood flow in at-risk patients with the aim of preventing deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The device is intended for clinical or residential use. The device includes a versatile and transportable design, animated alerts with resolution instructions in case of error, low noise, simple maintenance, and a large display screen.

Kendall SCD 700
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Aqua-Seal™ Chest Drainage Unit

The Aqua-Seal™ chest drainage unit (CDU) uses wet suction to re-establish negative pressure within the pleural space.

The CDU consists of three basic chambers:

  • Collection chamber which monitors volume, rate, and nature of drainage.
  • One-way valve water-seal chamber which also acts as a window into the patient’s pleural space, and
  • Suction control chamber which regulates suction, helping to re-expand the lung.

Aqua Seal
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