Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences

Globally, Edwards Lifesciences Corporation offers products and technologies related to structural heart disease, critical care, and surgical monitoring.

The company offers products for transcatheter heart valve replacements to replace heart valves with minimally invasive surgery, and transcatheter heart valve repair and replacements to treat mitral and tricuspid valve diseases. The company also provides therapy products for surgical heart valves. These include pericardial valves for aortic and mitral surgical valve replacement, aortic heart valves, cardiac cannula devices and annuloplasty rings. 

Edwards Lifesciences have also designed and manufactured a beating heart mitral valve repair system designed for the treatment of degenerative mitral regurgitation, along with many procedure-enabling platforms to advance minimally invasive surgery. A number of critical care products are offered by the company. These include hemodynamic monitoring systems to measure the function of a patient’s heart and their fluid status within intensive care and surgical settings, devices such arterial pressure monitoring products, and pulmonary artery catheters.

Edwards Lifesciences have designed and produced monitoring platforms which display patients’ physiological information; and have also created Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index software, which makes clinicians aware long in advance of the scenario where a patient develops low blood pressure. The company’s products are classified into four categories, which are the Surgical Valve Technologies segment, the Transcatheter Heart Valves (THV) segment, one quarter is the Transcatheter Mitral and Tricuspid Therapies (TMTT) segment, and the Critical Care segment. 

In the Surgical Valve Technologies segment, a diverse range of systems for cardiac surgery are manufactured which are used during minimally invasive surgical procedures. In the THV segment, a THV procedure represents a replacement procedure for those unable to undergo open-heart surgery. As part of the Transcatheter Mitral and Tricuspid Therapies business segment, researchers and developers are searching for ways to repair heart valves using transcatheter methods. The Critical Care segment incorporates a range of balloon catheter-based vascular products, as well as devices like surgical clips and inserts.

HemoSphere Advanced Monitoring Platform

HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform provides a comprehensive view of hemodynamics and tissue oximetry, allowing the clinician to be aware of continuous oxygen saturation and perfusion for the patient. A unique, modular hemodynamic monitoring platform that provides full cuff, sensor, and catheter compatibility, as well as a first-of-its-kind hypotension, hypertension prediction and risk assessment to support patient management. The HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform allows for proactive, individualized management of patients.

HemoSphere Advanced
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Acumen IQ sensor

When combined with the Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI) software, the Acumen IQ sensor provides access to the ability to predict hypotensive events. The Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index software provides the only commercially available prediction monitoring parameter for hypotension. First-of-its-kind predictive decision support software was developed in collaboration with clinicians to anticipate hypotensive events before they take place. It provides the clinicians with unique insights which allow them to understand the base cause of hypotensive events and strategise appropriate courses of action.

Acumen IQ Sensor
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