GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare

General Electric Healthcare is a division of the American multinational corporation General Electric, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and incorporated in New York.

The company offers services that include medical imaging, information technology, diagnostic systems, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, technology manufacturing for biopharmaceuticals, computerized data management, health performance improvement, medical equipment and various performance services.

Primarily, GE Healthcare specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of imaging modalities and radiopharmaceuticals used for diagnostic imaging procedures, and also is a manufacturer of dyes used for magnetic resonance imaging, and is a producer of medical diagnostic equipment, such as CT imaging machines.

GE Healthcare produced patient monitoring equipment includes cardiac output cables, invasive blood pressure (IBP) cables, ECG trunk cables, reusable temperature probes, temperature cables, reusable ECG leadwires, NIBP cuffs connectors, and ECG recording papers.

Anaesthesia and ventilator accessories include single use anaesthesia masks, reusable breathing bags, single patient use exhalation valve assemblies (SPU EVA), reusable anaesthesia breathing masks, HMEFs and filters, Co2 absorbers and absorbents, and vaporiser bottle adapters.

Diagnostic cardiology equipment manufactured by GE Healthcare includes reusable bulb electrodes equipped with silver-silver chloride (Ag/Agcl) plated limb clamps, thermally sensitive ECG recording papers, MAC, Case and Cardiosoft ECG cables and leadwires, and SEER holter monitor ECG cables and leadwires.

The company also manufactures disposable T-piece circuit resuscitators designed for neonates, infants, and maternity providing ventilation and pulmonary resuscitation.

Recently, GE Healthcare have been manufacturing smart products using Edison, a digital platform designed to accelerate the integration of AI into medical practice. Edison offers the ability for clinicians to combine diverse data sets generated by medical equipment across an integrated digital platform via either the cloud, or using computer technology located close to the device in question.


CARESCAPE R860 is a ventilator device equipped with integrated smart technology. CARESCAPE R860 is fitted with a user interface designed to be inherently familiar on first use, with adaptable touchscreen technology. The menu has been adapted to reduce the need for usability learning by replacing menus with workspace views. It is tailored towards individualised therapy, allowing the user to perform advanced clinical manoeuvres using personalised patient data.

6008 CAREsystem
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The OEC One is an all-in-one mobile C-arm offering advanced imaging capabilities, used for a variety of procedures ranging from pain management to vascular. It is equipped with a 27″ display, mounted on an articulating arm with multiple ranges of motion. It allows the user to capture images using simple point-and-shoot functionality for a variety of procedures ranging from vascular to orthopaedic.

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