In addition to providing products and solutions for operating rooms, intensive care units, sterilization departments and life science companies and organizations, Getinge AB also provides maintenance and cleaning products.

It is a company divided into 3 principle divisions: The Acute Care Therapies segment, the Life Science segment, and the Surgical Workflows segment.

Systems for sterile transfer, sterilizers and systems for closure processing are offered by Getinge AB, along with isolators, logistic automation solutions and isolators.

Additionally, disposables and systems for practice-oriented monitoring are produced by the company, as are solutions for vascular surgery and cardiothoracic surgery, machines for dispensing anaesthesia, and solutions for beating heart surgery.

Chest drain products, ventilators, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation or life support products, therapies for intra-aortic balloon counter pulsation, operation lights, endoscopic vessel harvesting systems and modular room systems are all endovascular devices also designed and manufactured by the company.

Other kinds of medical products are additionally provided by Getinge, such as operating tables and accessories for clinical use, furniture for operating rooms, operating room integration systems and solutions for operating room management, along with trolleys for distribution and loading, management for patient flow and transport solutions, components for surgical perfusion, solutions for sterile supply management and traceability, hospital trays and medical baskets, sealing equipment, and surgical assist systems.

In addition to its direct selling operations, it offers its products through a network of independent sales companies, and provides medical facilities and hospitals with expert financial advice services, training programs and educational services. Getinge AB operates within and distributes medical devices (and other products) to a broad range of continents and countries, including the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Europe. Its headquarters are located in Gothenburg in Sweden, with the company being founded in 1904.

Flow-i Anesthesia Machine

Flow-i is an anaesthesia machine which uses highly advanced technology while offering superior ventilation performance.

It comes equipped with decision support features, as well as a broad variety of settings and a wide range of flows and pressures, as well as supporting the AGC option, an innovative design for safe low-flow anaesthesia.

Flow-i is a provider of safe, cost-efficient and personalised care, and is designed to cater for the most challenging patients.

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Servo-n Neonatal Ventilator

The Servo-n Neonatal Ventilator is designed to aid breathing, sleeping and growing in neonates.

It creates a calm, caring environment for even the most fragile patients, and detects the correct level of respiratory support with Servo ventilators, which have been optimized and refined over a 30 year period.

Patient-ventilator asynchrony can be avoided as the baby’s individual physiology is continually being assessed using various unique therapy modes. The Servo-n can be used for invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

Servo-n Neonatal Ventilator
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