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ICU Medical

Working with its subsidiaries, ICU Medical, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer, seller and distributor of medical devices for use in critical care application and the field of infusion therapy around the globe.

Needle-free connector products are infusion therapy products which are released under three brands, which are MicroClave Clear, NanoClave, and MicroClave.
Other infusion products distributed by the company include patency devices for catheters, caps for disinfecting, haemodialysis connectors, antimicrobial barrier caps for haemodialysis catheters, closed devices for system transfers, and systems for compounding drugs when dealing with the preparation of dangerous drugs.

ICU Medical, Inc. is also a provider of IV therapies and IV diluents, in which are included dextrose, mannitol, sodium chloride, sterilised water, and solutions containing balanced electrolytes. Irrigation technologies are additionally manufactured by the company, including irrigation for sterilised water, acetic acid, glycine, sodium chloride, sodium dextrose, and sorbitol-mannitol, along with containers designed with flexibility in mind, and options for pour bottles.

The Plum 360 brand and LifeCare PCA brand both distribute infusion pumps as part of ICU Medical, Inc., as well as software for IV mediation safety, included in which is Medical Mednet, which is a management platform for medication which works by connecting smart pumps to electronic hospital health records, tracking systems for assets, and notification platforms for alarms, as well as other associated medical services.

In addition, it offers critical care products that include Cogent 2 in 1 haemodynamic monitoring systems, CardioFlo haemodynamic monitoring systems, TriOx venous oximetry catheters, Transpac blood pressure transducers, and SafeSet closed blood sampling and preservation devices.

ICU Medical, Inc. is a company which sells its technologies and devices to a wide breadth of medically affiliated institutions. These include recipients such as outpatient clinics, providers in the field of home health care, medical equipment wholesalers, hospitals who cater to acute care patients, long-term care facilities, and ambulatory clinics. ICU Medical, Inc has been operating since 1984, and its headquarters are found in San Clemente, in California.

Cogent™ 2-in-1 Hemodynamic Monitoring System

The Cogent haemodynamic monitoring system is the only two-in-one system that can accept both minimal and invasive input, allowing the clinician to use a single monitor regardless of fluctuating patient acuity requirements and changes in monitoring requirements.

Using Cogent, one can obtain measurements for haemodynamic and venous oximetry less invasively, which enables improved patient management in a broad range of situations.

Patient status can be monitored away from the bedside using a hand-held display which can be detached.

Cogent 2 in 1
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Plum 360™ Smart Infusion System

The Plum 360 is an IV pump with a unique delivery system – medication is drawn directly into the secondary container, which eliminates the possibility of secondary setup errors.

As a result of a direct connection, no adjustments are required to the IV container head height to ensure that secondary infusions are delivered correctly.

The Plum 360 will alert the user if a clamp is closed, which eliminates the risk for another common secondary error, so it is possible to focus on patient care, rather than the setting up of the infusion pump.

Plum 360
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