Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical

Da Vinci surgical systems and related instruments and accessories, are designed, created, developed, manufactured, and marketed by Intuitive Surgical and its subsidiaries in the United States and internationally.

The company’s da Vinci Surgical System has many facets, including surgeon consoles, 3-D HD vision systems, patient-side carts, skills simulators and da Vinci Xi integrated table motions.

A wide array of surgical procedures can be performed with Firefly fluorescence imaging products, including gynaecological, urological, general, cardiothoracic, and head and neck surgeries.

The company also produces EndoWrist instruments, which include scissors, forceps, scalpels, electrocautery tools, along with other surgical tools, incorporating wrist joints to enhance natural dexterity for a range of surgical procedures.

Intuitive Surgical have also designed and provided SimNow, which is a cloud-enabled simulation platform that enables surgeons to learn and practice their surgical skills, as well as creating Intuitive Cloud. This is cloud-based software which enables immediate software updates and proactive patient monitoring. Iris, an augmented reality (AR) imaging device was specifically invented to be used for kidney procedures.

Intuitive Surgical have also designed the EndoWrist Stapler, which is a wristed stapling instrument that facilitates transection, resection, and the creation of anastomoses.

EndoWrist One Vessel Sealers are implements created by the company which are wristed single-use instruments that are used for bipolar coagulation, the mechanical transection of vessels which are 7mm or less in diameter, and tissue bundles which fit comfortably within in the jaws of the instrument.

Also designed by the company is the E-100 generator, which is an electrosurgical generator. They have also created the SureForm 45 Curved-Tip stapler; as well as the SynchroSeal, which is used for sealing and transection using only a single pedal press.

The company also sells a range of other accessories, which are comprised of items like sterile drapes, which ensure sterility during surgery, and various vision products such as replacement 3D stereo endoscopes, light guides, heads for cameras, and a broad spectrum of other medical equipment which facilitate the use of the da Vinci Surgical System.

Da Vinci Surgical Systems

The da Vinci System is a surgeon’s console which is placed near the patient (usually in the same room) and has a patient-side cart attached, equipped with a number of robotic arms which can be operated from the main console. These are adapted to use surgical tools such as scalpels, graspers or bovies, as well as scissors, with one of the arms designed to operate a 3D camera.

Da Vinci Surgical Systems
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Ion Endoluminal System

Created to be used for minimally invasive lung biopsies, the Ion Endoluminal System is a robotic-assisted platform. It is equipped with a 3.5mm robotic catheter, enabling expert navigation when inserted into the patient’s peripheral lung, allowing the clinician to reach every segment of the lung, and peerless vision can be achieved using a peripheral probe. The catheter can be locked into place, enhancing control, visibility, and stability.

Ion Endoluminal System
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