Smiths Medical

Smiths Medical

Smiths Medical (now a part of ICU Medical) is a company which specialises in the manufacture and distribution of a range of medical devices used in procedures ranging from therapeutic and diagnostic to surgical use. Smiths Medical has a strong focus on the clinical areas of essential care, devices to ensure safety, and products to aid medication delivery.

The company has a product line consisting of airway systems for the administration of anaesthesia, reproduction assistance devices, solutions for diabetes, systems for drainage, various devices for infusion, systems for interventional imaging, products which aid in the management of pain, equipment designed to assist in patient monitoring, devices which help to monitor pressure, systems which support respiration, systems for the management of temperature, safety solutions, products relating to the trachea (such as tracheotomy equipment), devices to help in vascular access, and productions for ventilation.

Products from Smiths Medical are applied in critical care and intensive care, as well as being used in a surgical setting, and for recovery and post operative care. The infusion therapies offered by the company can also be used in a home therapy setting.

Mechanical ventilators are offered by Smiths Medical, along with resuscitators which can be used by adults and infants.

Smiths Medical upped production of their medical products in the United Kingdom as a result of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, as they manufacture equipment for airway management, such as endobronchial, endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes, accessories for intubation (and similar products), as well as laryngoscopes.
Smiths Medical is a company with operations in Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific. It uses a broad network of distributors and branch offices, although the headquarters are located in St. Paul in the state of Minnesota, in the US.

CADD®-Solis VIP Ambulatory Infusion Pump

An ambulatory infusion pump, the CADD-Solis VIP (Variable Infusion Profile), has been designed to enhance the health and safety of recipients and improve the functionality for their caregivers for a variety of adult and pediatric patients.

It is a programmable pump with therapy, qualifier and drug information protocol configurations. The pump operates via PCA delivery, continuous delivery, and intermittent delivery profiles, and infusions can be tapered for analgesia, antibiotics and globulin.

CADD Solis VIP Ambulatory Infusion Pump
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paraPAC plus

In one compact, lightweight package, the paraPAC plus offers ventilation, demand and free flow oxygen therapy, as well as CPAP therapy. As a result, breathing parameters can be controlled more effectively. In order to match the patient’s ventilatory requirements, the dual controls allow for easy selection of frequency and tidal volume.

This respirator is designed to be used by respiratory therapists, paramedics, and emergency professionals, along with military personnel, in a broad variety of situations.

paraPAC plus
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