STERIS plc is a provider of infection prevention, along with a variety of other procedural products and clinical services worldwide. The company is consists of the following divisions: Healthcare, Applied Sterilization Technologies, and Life Sciences.
The Healthcare segment is one which provides cleaning chemistries and products designed to assure sterility. It also designs and manufactures accessories for gastrointestinal (GI) procedures, sterilizers, and washers, along with various other pieces of capital equipment to be used when operating within a sterile processing department.

Additionally, it engineers and produces equipment which is used directly within the operating room, such as surgical tables, medical lights, and connectivity solutions, along with services geared towards equipment management.

Capital equipment installation is also provided by the company, which includes services that aid ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting services, programs designed for preventative maintenance, the upgrading of devices, the reparation of instruments and endoscopes, and a broad range of other maintenance services, as well as consultation services on custom process improvement and processing services regarding the sterility of outsourced sterile instruments.

The Healthcare segment of STERIS PLC makes its products and services available to acute care hospitals, as well as a variety of other healthcare settings.

The Applied Sterilization Technologies segment is a provider of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers with contracted sterilization and testing services, spread across a network of approximately fifty contract sterilizing and laboratory facilities.

In the Life Sciences segment, consumable products are designed, manufactured, and sold. Examples of this include formulated cleaning chemistries, products for the assurance of barrier and sterility, and sterilizers for steam and vaporized hydrogen peroxide.

Equipment installation is also offered by this segment, as well as maintenance services, upgradation, services geared towards troubleshooting and repair, and programs for preventive maintenance along with repair services. The company headquarters are located in Dublin, in Ireland.

gi4000 Electrosurgery Unit

The gi4000 is an Electrosurgery Unit is a flexible, compact endoscopy unit. It is specifically designed for use with Argon, Bipolar, Monopolar and Lavage functions. It includes touch-enabled selections of modalities and conduct thermal therapies with a simple touch screen, complete with thorough setup instructions. Each output is controlled in every mode with microprocessors, and the device is equipped with a built-in lavage pump, ready-to-use on demand.

gi4000 Electrosurgery Unit
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Torrent™ Irrigation Pump

Designed for endoscopy, the Torrent irrigation pump provide clinicians with a hands-free method for performing irrigation during endoscopic procedures. One of its features is a pump head (including built-in safety features) which can be easily replaced. After being opened, this aspect means that rollers are prohibited from turning, allowing the user to safely insert or remove tubing.

Torrent™ Irrigation Pump
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