Tandem Diabetes Care

Tandem Diabetes Care

Medical device company Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. designs, develops, and commercializes a wide assortment of products for individuals suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes in the United States.

The company has various flagship products, one of these is the t:slim X2 insulin delivery system, which is a pump platform comprising of a t:slim X2 pump, its disposable insulin cartridge containing 300 units, and an infusion set.
T:slim X2 insulin is also provided, which comes equipped with Basal-IQ and control IQ technology, as well as offering t:slim X2 insulin with G5 Integration, and a software updater tool for the user’s pump, known as a Tandem Device Updater. Low-glucose prevention technology called Basal-IQ suspends insulin delivery temporarily in order to prevent hypoglycemic events from occurring frequently and for longer periods. A hybrid-closed loop technology, Control-IQ, allows users to stay within their targeted glycemic range for extended periods of time.

T:connect is a web-based app for data management additionally offered by Tandem Diabetes Care. This is a visual platform which allows the data for therapy management for diabetes to be displayed from the pump, as well as constant monitoring of glucose levels and all supported meters for blood glucose, which can be accessed by clinicians, users, their caregivers, hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Additionally, Tandem Diabetes Care have developed a mobile app for insulin users with diabetes, known as Sugarmate.

The company also has various products that are currently being developed. Among these are many mobile connected health options, and a new insulin delivery system known as t:sport.
Founded in 2006, Tandem Diabetes Care has its headquarters in San Diego, California.

t:slim X2™ Insulin Pump

The t:slim X2 insulin pump means the user no longer has to inject multiple times daily.

It is enabled with touchscreen technology, and is designed to be incredibly intuitive and a very simple device to lean, use, and teach others. Any necessary information is available at a glance, and its settings and adjustments are engineered to be easy to tweak with minimal effort.

Being able to hold 300 units or fewer of insulin, it takes up marginal space, being 38% smaller than competitive products on the market, though its ergonomic shape and design means that it can hold an equal quantity of insulin.

Fitted with a rechargeable battery that can be charged up from any outlet (such as a car or laptop) without the delivery of insulin being affected, it also lasts for 7 days, thereby reducing environmental impact. It is compatible with any USB charger, one of which is also provided.

t:slim X2™ Insulin Pump
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t:connect Mobile App

This mobile app was created and designed to be paired with the t:slim insulin pump. It has the capability of displaying the information from the pump directly and discreetly onto your mobile. Users can track the previous 24 hours of glucose trends, as well as changes to the pump status along with other data pertaining to insulin therapy (such as deliveries of basal and bolus). The pump info is then uploaded securely and automatically to a connected cloud based database.

t:connect Mobile App
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