As a leading provider of single-use medical devices for common diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in critical care and surgical procedures, Teleflex Incorporated designs, develops, manufactures, and supplies its products globally.

It also provides vascular access products. These include items like Arrow branded catheters, devices for catheter navigation, and tip positioning systems. The company also designs and manufactures intraosseous access systems used for the administration of intravenous therapies, which also facilitate the measurement of blood pressure, and can be used to withdraw blood samples through one single puncture site.

Interventional products are also provided by Teleflex. Such items, among others, consist of various coronary catheters, structural heart therapies, and cardiac assisting and peripheral intervention products which can be used by interventional cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and radiologists, as well as a range of catheters, such as Arrow branded catheters, Arrow Oncontrol devices, as well as the manta Vascular Closure, a system which functions to close larger puncture sites in the femoral artery in the leg following a catheterization procedure.

Anesthesia products are also provided, which include products for airway and pain management, geared towards supporting hospitals, emergency medicine facilities, and military channels.

The company also creates and manufactures surgical products. These include metal and polymer clips for ligation, as well as surgical systems for fascial closure, which are used during laparoscopic surgical procedures, along with percutaneous surgical systems and a range of other surgical instruments.

The company also offers interventional urology products, such as the UroLift System, which is an invasive technology designed to treat lower urinary tract symptoms that are caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia.

In addition, the company designs and manufactures respiratory products – these include oxygen and aerosol therapies, spirometry products, and devices for ventilation management to be used in various care settings.

Hospitals, healthcare providers, manufacturers of medical devices and home care providers are all served by the company, which has its headquarters in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

AC3 Optimus™ Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

AC3 Optimus™ Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) is a device designed for patients who need mechanical cardiac support. When a patient experiences elevated heart rate or arrhythmia, the AC3 Optimus™ Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump produces rapid intra-beat inflation timing accuracy along a broad spectrum of patient conditions, irrespective of how severe the arrhythmia is. It is an IABP which is intuitively designed for simplicity, as well as offering clinical support when needed, and is also engineered to be economically efficient.

AC3 Optimus™ Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump
© Teleflex

MiniLap® Percutaneous Surgical System

Teleflex’s MiniLap® Percutaneous Surgical System is engineered to reduce patient trauma, whilst capitalising on all the functions a clinician would need for laparoscopic procedures which are less complex. The system is also an advance in the field of minimally invasive surgery (including operations such as percutaneous laparoscopy). The system also implements a 2.4mm shaft, which can enter the skin directly using an integrated needle tip, which doesn’t require the use of a trocar, meaning smaller incisions for smaller scars are possible, resulting in less trauma.

MiniLap® Percutaneous Surgical System
© Teleflex


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