In addition to developing, manufacturing, and providing medical devices and services, Terumo Corporation also provides healthcare solutions. There are three segments of the company, which are: Cardiac and Vascular Company, Blood and Cell Technologies Company, and General Hospital Company. The Cardiac and Vascular Company segment produces angiographic guidewires and angiographic catheters, as well as PTCA balloon catheters, introducer sheaths, vascular closure devices, coronary stents, self-expanding peripheral stents, systems for intravascular ultrasound, drug-eluting stents, imaging catheters, and other equipment.

The Cardiac and Vascular Company segment also designs and manufactures coils and stents for treating cerebral aneurysm, cardio-pulmonary bypass systems, aspiration catheters and clot retrievers for the treatment of ischemic stroke, along with oxygenators, flow diverters, and artificial vascular and stent grafts. The General Hospital Company segment is a provider of infusion pumps, solution sets, syringe pumps, syringes, I.V. solutions, products for the management of pain, adhesion barriers, systems for monitoring blood glucose, blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, and other products. This company segment of Terumo also provides pharmaceutical companies with equipment to assemble drug kits such as prefilled syringes and needles for packaging pharmaceuticals.

The Blood and Cell Technologies Company segment provides blood bags, automated systems for blood collection, automated systems for blood component processing, technology geared towards pathogen reduction, automated centrifugal apheresis systems, and systems for cell expansion. Based in Tokyo and providing medical solutions in more than 160 countries and regions, Terumo has more than 25,000 professionals at its disposal worldwide. The company began as a Japanese thermometer manufacturer, and now supports healthcare as a whole. Founded in 1921, It was formerly known as Sekisen Ken-onki Corporation, though changed its name to Terumo Corporation in 1974. Its operational portfolio is comprised of such things as vascular intervention and solutions for cardio-surgical practice, to blood transfusion and cell therapy technology. It also designs essential medical products for daily clinical practice. These include transfusion systems, peritoneal dialysis treatments, and diabetes care.

Terufusion™ Syringe Pump (Smart)

Terumo’s Terufusion Advanced Infusion System provides syringe pumps which are as safe as they are accurate, without putting any extra stress on the clinician. It combines sophisticated technologies with intuitive use to facilitate improved patient results. As well as being equipped with syringes and accessories, Terufusion Advanced Infusion System is a comprehensive and reliable partner for the optimisation of infusion management. The Terufusion infusion system is equipped with a standard large colour display, ensuring that all necessary information required by healthcare professionals to ensure safe patient treatment can be clearly seen and easily identified.

Terufusion™ Syringe Pump
© Terumo

Medisafe WITH™ Detachable Insulin Patch Pump

The Medisafe WITH™ Detachable Insulin Patch Pump is intended to deliver insulin subcutaneously. It does this by attaching an insulin-filled pump directly on the abdomen or other area, which is operated by a remote control. The device was developed with the aim of bringing relief to patients in all aspects of life, facilitating the planning of daily activities with more freedom. This insulin pump by Terumo has been developed to be compact and lightweight, as well as detachable and tube-free. 

Medisafe WITH™ Detachable Insulin Patch Pump
© Terumo


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