Ciposa Press Release

Ciposa Press Release

Automation serves spinal surgery

13 April 2023

Automation Serves Spinal Surgery

The spinal implant market is strongly driven by technological advances in spinal surgery and the increasing practice of low invasive operations.

In some cases, mini-invasive surgery allows the patient to walk a few hours after the operation.

This means that several hundred thousand operations are performed each year.

This growing demand is driving implant manufacturers to turn to automated manufacturing for their products.

The purposes are to increase their production capacity as well as improvs and consolidate the processes repeatability.

Implementing a semi or fully automated manufacturing system also allows better traceability, directly linked to their ERP (UDI).

In the following example, the laser marking, the assembly, and the packaging of a spinal screw is carried out on a fully automatic machine.

The laser marking is performed with an accuracy ≤ ±50 µm. A vision system controls the engraving quality and precision.

This kind of equipment allows an annual production up to 600’000 implants.