Pulse Technologies Press Release

Pulse Technologies Press Release

Pulse Technologies Inc., Improves Electrode Performance in Implantable and Diagnostic Medical Devices With Newly Patented Hierarchical Surface Restructuring (HSR™) Technology

16 Aug 2021

Quakertown, Pennsylvania — August 16, 2021. Pulse Technologies’ newly patented Hierarchical Surface Restructuring (HSR™) technology enables medical device manufacturers to achieve greater performance, efficiency and longevity in their neural interfacing devices.

Long-term implantable and diagnostic medical devices such as pacemakers and various types of neurostimulators function via sensing, recording and stimulating between their electrodes and surrounding tissue in the biological environment in order to deliver effective treatment for patients. Generally speaking, higher electrode surface area improves electrochemical performance of the electrode.

HSR is a novel surface restructuring technique that bombards the electrode’s surface with ultra-fast, ultra-short and high-energy laser pulses. This increases the electrode’s available electrochemical surface area, thereby enhancing both charge storage capacity and specific capacitance of the electrode’s surface while reducing impedance. Additional benefits include:

  • Surface tunability
  • Ultra-high surface area
  • Hierarchical surface structure
  • Applicable on complex geometries
  • Suitable for use in a diverse range of sensing, recording and stimulating applications
  • Scalable and commercially viable
  • Applicable on finished medical device assemblies
  • Compatible with individual electrodes, subcomponents and fully assembled leads

Electrodes and microelectrode arrays treated and optimized by HSR’s proprietary process can assist device manufacturers in producing higher-performing and more efficient implantable and diagnostic medical devices with enhanced performance and longevity.

To learn more about Pulse Technologies, visit www.pulsetechnologies.com.

About Pulse Technologies

At the forefront of medical device manufacturing for over 25 years, Pulse Technologies is an advanced technology, engineering and contract manufacturing company for medical, aerospace and commercial applications. With access to over 100 manufacturing CNC machine tools, our talented team of over 250 engineers, machine technicians, quality experts and material planning professionals deliver high-quality device components and assemblies at unmatched speed, quality and cost. From a fully equipped metrology lab to multi-axis machining, our cutting-edge capabilities support high-volume, day-to-day production and incorporate some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques.