Rapa Healthcare Press Release

Rapa Healthcare Press Release

Rapa Healthcare - Ideas Become Products

19 August 2022

Rapa Healthcare Ideas Become Products

Customized mechatronics with fluidics and electronics right from the start. RAPA Healthcare shows in Hall 13 E40 how this can be done without compromise.

Instead of standard products, RAPA offers individual solutions to best meet customer requirements. In medical technology, demands in terms of safety, product and process quality are very high. Off-the-shelf solutions usually cannot keep up and do not meet the high demands on reliability and stability.

Success begins very early with an intensive, direct and cooperative customer support by the RAPA expert sales department.

Günter Knubbe says: “At RAPA, our customers are not forced to make do with assemblies and components from standard ranges. We translate the requirements into solutions perfectly adapted to the individual task. Compromises in performance and quality are avoided by our holistic approach. This approach often pays off with medium quantities and scales up to the highest quantity requirements. Our processes and our know-how from the automotive industry make this possible. We bring two worlds together – automotive and medical technology – for the benefit of our customers.”

“We bring two worlds together – Automotive and medical technology – for the benefit of our customers.”
Günter Knubbe – Sen. Key Account Manager – RAPA Healthcare

After intensive discussions or workshops with the customer, the sales department brings the results to the RAPA technology teams, where the customer-specific mechatronic solutions are then created. Agile project work guarantees, that the customer and his requirements remain in focus at all times and that dynamic progress is achieved, which is permanently critically reviewed. Automotive thinking and acting, is adapted to medical and laboratory technology.

RAPA Healthcares most successful products include media-separated valves for dialysis and hydraulic valves for precise control in patient positioning systems. Development and production expertise is available for all subsectors of laboratory and medical technology. RAPA Healthcare is ISO 13485 certified to provide expert support to customers throughout the entire process chain of development and production.