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TT Medic Group at Medtec LIVE: Customer-specific high-tech solutions for medical technology

21 May 2024

TT Medic Group

The TT Medic Group – consisting of Renggli AG (CH), Goller Systems (A) and j. söllner AG (D) – is presenting its wide range of products and services for the first time with a booth at MedtecLIVE in Stuttgart.

“We would like to present our possibilities of complex product development from the connector to the production and approval of the finished sterile medical device to a broad audience,” says Kurt Philipp Helletzgruber, CEO of the company.

The companies’ exceptional vertical range of production includes development, design, toolmaking, various filling and assembly machines as well as injection moulding, packaging machines for sterile barrier systems and hose assembly in clean rooms. At the same time, a wide variety of marking and bonding techniques can be offered.

Each of the three companies has its own focus areas:

While Goller Systems has made a name for itself in the development of complex drug delivery systems, Renggli AG impresses with the processing of high-temperature-resistant high-performance thermoplastics.

A “specialty” of j. söllner AG, on the other hand, is the production of check valves for various applications, e.g. in angiography: The pressure-stable valve holds up to 1,200 PSI and is therefore unique on the market.

For more information please contact on or find us at the show at 1/1-510.