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Robotic Imaging Company medPhoton Acquired by Brainlab

Robotic Imaging Company medPhoton Acquired by Brainlab

Medical device company Brainlab recently announced a majority acquisition of Austrian company medPhoton GmbH. Based in Salzburg, it manufactures and develops robotic imaging solutions for image-guided surgery and radiation therapy. Over the last few years, medPhoton has upheld a close coalition with Brainlab across the field of intraoperative imaging, and this partnership resulted in the launch of Loop-X, a mobile imaging robot. Brainlab invested in medPhoton in 2020, co-funding Loop-X’s development and becoming its exclusive distributor within the field of surgery.

Stefan Vilsmeier, President and CEO of Brainlab. said:

“Through the completion of this majority acquisition, we want to build on the previous success of Loop-X and decisively shape the future of intraoperative imaging. In this way, we can combine and align the entrepreneurial pursuits and innovative potential of both companies. Our united goal is to expand the market position of Loop-X as a 3D imaging device for surgery so that doctors can gain access to cutting edge equipment for patient treatment.”

Heinz Deutschmann, CEO of medPhoton, anticipates the expansion of the strategic partnership: “From the very beginning, Brainlab believed in the strength of our innovation, creativity and drive in the field of radiotherapy. Through our partnership, Brainlab provided us with significant support as we established our presence in the surgical device market and developed our production capabilities. Moving forward, we will continue to advance the production of Loop-X as well as coordinate research and development efforts to build next-generation systems with the objective of exploring new medical applications to improve surgical procedures and therapies. The majority acquisition by Brainlab is therefore the next logical step for us to achieve our most important goal: to advance research and development work at the highest level and expand the production of best-in-class medical technology to provide efficient therapies with optimal safety for patients.”

The Loop-X mobile imaging robot is key to the Brainlab robotics portfolio, and has become part of regular clinical practice across numerous hospitals globally. It sets new standards of surgery, using automated imaging steps and innovative robotic assistance, enabling surgeons and staff to gain freedom of movement and increased flexibility while operating, through high-res 2D and 3D imaging technology. The independent movement of these imaging components, along with collimation capabilities, allow for non-isocentric imaging.

Further to diagnostic imaging, Loop-X can also capture certain information, digitising intraoperative anatomical changes in order to replicate a digital model of the patient, which was previously created using aggregated pre-op images.

MedPhoton continues to operate as an independent development and research company within the Brainlab Group.

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