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Siemens Healthineers unveils self-driving C-arm system.

Siemens Healthineers has introduced an automated, self-navigating C-arm system designed for intraoperative imaging during surgeries. Named Ciartic Move, this system features holonomic, omnidirectional wheels enabling precise movements in tight spaces and facilitating accurate positioning. Through a remote control interface, users can effortlessly navigate the system to predefined positions, alleviating the manual workload previously required. Furthermore, the automated adjustments not only save time but also enhance precision, potentially reducing imaging duration.

“In conversations with our customers, the urgent need for a fully automated C-arm system to reduce the burden on surgical staff in the field of trauma surgery became apparent again and again. We have been developing this system over the past ten years and are very pleased to be able to introduce Ciartic Move,” said Carsten Bertram, head of Advanced Therapies at Siemens Healthineers. “The automation of intraoperative imaging, complete remote control and ease of use ensure fast and accurate workflows.” 

Ciartic Move addresses various challenges encountered in healthcare systems globally. The scarcity of medical personnel often leads to postponements of medical procedures, causing inefficiencies and prolonged wait times for patients. Moreover, the increasing preference for minimally invasive techniques in surgery adds to the workload of clinical staff. Surgeons are often pressed for time, conducting multiple image-guided procedures daily, while the physical demands of repositioning heavy equipment like the C-arm during surgeries further compound the issue.

With Ciartic Move, users can easily recall predefined positions and settings during surgeries, streamlining the process with just a touch of a button. The system can store up to 12 process-specific 2D or 3D C-arm positions along with relevant image parameters, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, equipped with active sensing technology, Ciartic Move ensures collision protection for added safety. Motor-assisted movements facilitated by touch-sense handles enable effortless maneuvering within the operating room and between rooms. Moreover, remote operation capability allows a single individual, even from sterile areas, to control the system, enabling surgical teams to continue procedures even in the absence of specialized intraoperative imaging personnel.

“If surgical staff are absent at short notice, there is always the risk that procedures will have to be postponed,” said Dr Mario Perl, director of the department of Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics, Uniklinikum Erlangen, Germany. “Thanks to Ciartic Move, we can relieve our staff physically and mentally and bridge staff absences due to illness. The automatic return to the pre-determined position that we used before allows us to focus on the patient.” 

Dr. Paul A. Grützner, director of the department of Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics, BG Klinik Ludwigshafen, Germany: “We have been involved in the development of Ciartic Move for many years and are delighted that a product has been created that really makes our lives easier. Ciartic Move represents a quantum leap for the workflow in the OR with shorter process times and lower radiation exposure.”


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