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Tornier Shoulder Arthroplasty Portfolio Introduced by Stryker, With New Tornier Perform Humeral System Launched in Europe

Stryker, a medical device company based in Kalamazoo, in Michigan, USA, has officially announced the introduction of their brand new Tornier shoulder arthroplasty portfolio, as well as launching its first Tornier product in Europe, the Perform Humeral Stem.

The Tornier Perform Humeral Stem combines the Tornier Perform Anatomic and Reverse Glenoid with Blueprint software to offer solutions for shoulder arthroplasty patients across a spectrum of simple and complex scenarios. These devices can be used in anatomic and reverse procedures on the shoulder, as well being used for hemiarthroplasty procedures on the shoulder. Additionally, it makes it possible to convert an anatomic shoulder prosthesis into a reverse shoulder prosthesis following the need to make a revision.

Mike Panos, Stryker’s President of the Trauma and Extremities division, said the folowing:

“Stryker is pleased to offer our European customers access to the entire Tornier shoulder arthroplasty portfolio, including the new Perform Humeral Stem. The product line will set Stryker apart from its competitors while we further advance our commitment to improving healthcare for both surgeons and their patients.” Dr Gilles Walch, one of the system’s designers based in Lyon, in France, released this as a statement: “The Tornier Perform Humeral Stem gives the ability to use Blueprint to confirm surgical plans and optimize the full range of glenoid options available. With Perform, surgeons are better able to address the needs of both highly complex and simple patient cases.” With the Tornier Perform Humeral Stem, the practitioner can choose from four collar diameters and multiple shaft lengths to customize the humeral fit. This will provide surgeons with the flexibility and options they need to make the right decisions for the patient. Smaller stem options make it ideal for treating patients with a smaller anatomy, as this presents a specific range of challenges to the surgeon. Whether anatomic or reversed procedures are needed, the Perform Humeral Stem can be customized to fit the patient’s unique anatomy, and it is fully compatible with the full range in standard and augmented Perform glenoid options. With blueprint planning software, surgeons are able to plan their Perform cases ahead of the surgery, while receiving real-time, precise information about the surgical procedure before stepping into the operating room.

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Tornier Shoulder Arthroplasty Portfolio Introduced by Stryker, With New Tornier Perform Humeral System Launched in Europe