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Nitinol: The Superelastic Metal that Remembers its Shape

25 July 2022

The origin of nitinol dates back to 1959, when US Navy scientists began experimenting with new materials to be used in naval missiles. By combining nickel and titanium, they discovered a unique alloy which remained strong and durable, no matter how often it was bent and reshaped. Over time these properties proved to be highly valuable when applied to small medical devices for insertion into hard-to-reach places by surgeons. Soon after it started to be tested and experimented within the medical setting, a third key benefit was found, with its metallic composition offering high levels of both biocompatibility and corrosion resistance when treated, making it an ideal material for use in the human body. Since the 1990s, nitinol has proven to be a critical material within a wide range of medical devices with an ever-growing list of applications.

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