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Photochemical Machining: Innovative Solutions for Precision Etched Metal

20 June 2022

Complex, precision metal components are found in a variety of applications in aerospace, military defense, medical, telecommunications, automotive, electronics, and more. The demand for smaller parts with intricate designs and geometries continues to rise with advancements in technology. However, traditional manufacturing processes, such as stamping, CNC machining, and laser cutting can negatively affect the metal’s integrity and compromise the performance of critical parts resulting in catastrophic failure.

This whitepaper explains:

  • What photochemical etching (PCM) is, and the steps involved in its process.
  • The types of metals that can be etched by PCM.
  • Limitations of PCM regarding part size and metal thickness.
  • What industries can benefit from using PCM over traditional machining processes.

The different application components created through the PCM process.