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mp-tec Whitepaper

mp-tec Q-line – the modular high-tech clamping system for efficient measurement

22 March 2024

With the professional Q-line clamping system, mp-tec closes an important gap in the field of workpiece measurement. Thanks to unsurpassed system flexibility and precision, maximum reproducibility is guaranteed with maximum efficiency. Designed for measuring applications, Q-line with its eccentric vices and system components covers most of the requirements for an efficient, user-friendly clamping device. Tailor-made parts allow to implement special requests economically.

The clamping force of the Q-line MIDI and MINI precision vices can be precisely adjusted using a torque knob or appropriately defined compression springs. Depending on the workpiece and material, this enables repetitive tightening torques with minimum to high clamping forces.
A wide variety of measuring parts can be clamped in a time-saving and reproducible manner by replacing the jaw pair. The slim shape and the eccentric arrangement of the clamping jaws guarantee optimum accessibility of the probe at tactile measuring and enable an unimpeded light transmission during optical measurements.

The striking advantage of the Q-line “interchangeable jaw system” is that special clamping devices can be manufactured at short notice. Correspondingly reworked jaw blanks ensure an optimum measuring position and reproducible clamping of the workpiece in question. For the following measuring series, only the corresponding special jaws have to be mounted so that the measurement can take place.
In the three subchapters you can learn more about the advantages and components of our unique clamping system. Also ask for the special brochure “Q-line – the modular clamping system for efficient measurement”.

We look forward to hearing from you and will be pleased to show you in detail the wide range of possible applications for the Q-line clamping system.